Writing Online

I’ve always wanted to Write Online.

But there is a lot of friction involved.

  • What’s the perfect Setup?
  • The Perfect Structure?
  • What things do I want to write about?
  • Does anybody care?

To help me get started, I needed to remove any kind of friction.

Writing on Social Media Plattforms

I didn’t want to write on any plattform. Like Twitter, LinkedIn, Substack, Medium …

Plattform Writing forces me to think about what formats I should use, and whether or not to write according to their algorithm.

Additonally you have to write for an audience.

That’s why I’m starting to write on my own Website.

And write for myself only.

So if you don’t understand what the heck I’m talking about, it’s probably just me rambling to myself.

Zero Friction Writing Process

The things my website get directly published from my digital notes.

I am using Obisdian and Vim to write in plain text files in the markdown format.

I sync my Notes with Syncthing to my Docker Server, where Quartz is serving those files, straight to you.

This way I don’t have to ideate, draft write, format, schedule, and publish.

I just need to write some text in a file.

Right now, I could be sitting at the Beach.

Lighting a fine cuban cigar, writing this on my phone while waiting for my Pina Colada to arrive.

If this is the last Dev Log you see, I might be dead.

Or even worse, lazy. Go poke me on Twitter and tell me to write again.