🚀 The Book in 3 Sentences

Rhonda Byrne teaches how your thoughts attract things in your life through the The Law of Attraction .

She shows that by changing the resonance of your thoughts you will attract positive things in life and how that lets you achieve your goals.

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🎨 Impressions

How I Discovered It

Through a conversation with a friend I realized I didn’t tend to some problems properly, upon this book was recommended.

Who Should Read It?

Anyone interested in changing his thoughts in a positive way.

📒 Summary + Notes ..

  • Thoughts are electrically measurable.
  • The vibrations of your thoughts determine what happens to you in live
  • Negative thoughts attract negative things
  • Positive thoughts attract positive things
  • The key to happiness is to send positive thoughts into the world
  • Love and Positivity are endless and not scarce

Three simple steps:

  1. Formulate a positive, unequivocal request to the universe
  2. Cultivate an unshakable belief that this wish will come true
  3. Let the feeling flow through you as if you had already received what you wished for.