Trunk Based Development

Proven and more effective way of Software Development in Teams.


  • Continously integrate small chunks to the main branch
  • Avoid long lived branches
  • Merge multiple times per day


How to Work in Small Chunks?

  • Start Development at the service or API layer. This allows you to merge changes back into Trunk without the User seeing a change. Enabling Dark Launching.
  • Slice Features so that they can be completed in a week max.
  • Break down work into chunks that can be completed in a few hours. See INVEST Principle. Source: Google Cloud

Branching Strategies

  • Branch by Release: Branching of shortly before a realease is one of the only acceptable reasons to branch

  • Poor Branching Strategy

  • Better Branching Strategy

Taken from 2010 - Farley - Continuous Delivery.pdf, p.391