Progressive Summarization

Note-first approach from ForteLabs in summarizing notes.

  • Note-first knowledge management

    • Over Tag-based or Notebook based approach
    • Similar to Ever Green Notes, it seems
  • Progressive Summarization focuses therefore on rebalancing the equation. It is a method for opportunistic compression

  • summarizing and condensing a piece of information in small spurts, spread across time, in the course of other work, and only doing as much or as little as the information deserves.

How do I make what I’m consuming right now easily discoverable for my future self?

Layered Approach

  • Layer 0: original text
  • Layer 1: imported text
    • Captured highlights of books, emails, …
  • Layer 2: Bold best parts of passeges
  • Layer 3: Upon a review, highlight the best bits
  • Layer 4: Summarize Layer 2 & 3 into an informal executive summary of own words
  • Layer 5: Remix with own thoughts & personality

Fortelabs: Progressive Summarization