Day 2 - 3 Topics I Am Exploring Right Now

There are 3 topics I am actively thinking about a lot these days:

Topic #1: Digital Portfolio

“Thank you for your application, but what can you offer?” Me: sends link.

What’s the use of all the blood, sweat & tears spent building side projects if you only keep it for yourself? Why not share and expose yourself? Get feedback on your stuff?

I love getting the most out of everything I do. And owning my stuff.

Still took me too long to get my own goddamn personal domain.

Topic #2: Simplifying My Digital System

In the old days, things were simple

  • One social media platform, one email account
  • A few folders, very little bookmarks
  • Only one side project

Somehow, this thing blew u.. Internet: Hey did you check this out yet ?

Too many things to manage & maintain. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in this age. But there are ways to cope with that.Things that work anywhere, with anything, anyhow. Things that scale.

Topic #3: Personal Knowledge Management

I first got into PKM after discovering Bryan Jenks YT Channel.

Bryan introduced me to it—and since then, I have learned a lot about the importance of journaling, digital note taking, managing what you learn. It’s one of those fun rabbit holes I find myself exploring simply because I enjoy it.

It would be great to connect with other people who are interested in these same topics, so if any of the above resonates, feel free to reach out!

First published on Typeshare