Day 22 - Advice to Junior Devs

I have been working in Software for 5 years now. Ranging from Freelancing to Corperate Environments.

Here are 3 simple (but effective) pieces of advice I’d give anyone starting out (or who wants to get started):

Advice #1: Learn by Diving Deep

Choose One Topic/Technology/Concept to learn and Dive Deep. Don’t focus on the sea of other new and shiny toys. Make a list and Pick One Thing.

10x your Clarity by Reading the Docs. RTFM!

Advice #2: Master Your Tools

A Car mechanic needs to know his wrench. Take time to explore settings, capabillities and use-cases for the tool you are using. Learn Your Shortcuts of your IDE. Explore Command Flags. Write Scripts.

10x your Productivity by Maximizing what your Toolset has to offer.

Advice #3: Youtube > University

Everything I learnt was through self-study. You only really learn by actually creating stuff. Youtube is the best place to start learning anything.

10x your Progress by Learning from the Best.

I wish someone told me this earlier in my career. But at least I can pass these along to you.

First published on Typeshare