Day 26 - Switch to Linux, Learn Vim

There are two decisions I made that elevated me to another Level as a Dev.

Both were made unknowingly. In the sense that I stumbled onto them. And both have a high learning curve.

But even so, the reaped rewards far outreached the time I invested.

These were the 2 most impactful choices in my career:

Decision #1: Fully Switching to Linux

During a break from University, I took action. I was a power User and stumbled upon the power of Linux CLI Tools and Automation with Bash. I was a Windows Power User. But I wanted more.

Decision #2: Learning Vim

Thanks to Youtube I stumbled upon Luke Smith on Youtube. From him I discovered the power of Vim, a text editor. And I fell down a Rabbit Hole.

Countless of hours binging Vim Talks and doing courses. There was so much to learn. Don’t get me wrong. Vim is not hard. But you never stop learning. Still to this day, after a few years, I learn new things. It’s amazing.

I’m glad I made these choices, as they ultimately got me to where I am today.

What are two choices that have changed your career?

First published on Typeshare