Day 30 - Writing Online for 30 Days

This month I publishing 28 Essays. Here’s what I learned.

It all starts with the Digital Writing Course called Ship 30 for 30 🚢. During it, I wrote & published 28 Atomic Essays, learned the fundamentals of Digital Writing, made friends, and shared my views & experiences. It has been a very rewarding (and challenging) journey, and I plan to continue writing online.

Here’s 3 things writing & publishing consistently every day has taught me:

1. Being a Creator Allows You to Connect to other Creators

Your favorite Author? Write about their Book. It will be appreciated. Your Online Inspiration? Do a shoutout and DM them.

Writing online gives you the “excuse” and opportunity to reach out to everyone.

2. Systems, Habits and Templates Are Key

Sometimes I had to punch out an essay in a few minutes.

Without Templates, Workflows and Systems in place. This would not have been possible. But knowing which workflow will suit you best is hard. Especially, if you haven’t experimented enough.

So Start early. As soon as you gain insight on what works. Update your workflow.

3. The Power of a Community

Without Ship 30, I wouldn’t have started writing online

But forcing myself into Crafting a Writing Habit, along with Accountabillity Partners, helped a long way. Now there is no friction. And it doesn’t take as much energy.

If you have been thinking about getting started writing online too, let me know. I’m happy to share more about the experience and what I learned.

First published on Typeshare