Day 6 - My Biggest Weakness

I’m a full time student. Plus I work part time.

Currently, I juggle around 5 ongoing Projects.

According to my notes, there are 54 files containing a “#status/wip” tag.

I’m a Yes Man. And perhaps I have a problem. Pondering where this attitude comes from, what comes to mind is:

The Fear of Missing Out

_“If I don’t do X, then I’ll never …!” _ A fundamentally engrained, yet nonsensical thought.

Every time you say Yes, you say No to something else.

Flip the above statement, and you get:

Every time you say No, you say Yes to something else

Saying No does not mean giving up. It is just a different path.

So this week, I’ll commit to Saying No more often.

First published on Typeshare