Day 7 - How to Stop Organizing and Never Loose Your Files Again

Dealing with digital files, recurring questions are:

“Where does this go?”

Or “Where did I put this again?”

And “If I can just fix this folder structure, so that I can finally … ”

This became a thing of the past, after I discovered the PARA method.

PARA - A Universal System for Organizing Information

Digital Items flow throught these four stages:

__P__rojects ⇒ __A__reas ⇒ __R__esources and finally the ⇒ __A__rchive.

PARA limits your digital surface area so you only see the things you care about.

The PARA’s Method is not limited by any tool or software. I use it across many tools to organize Files, Notes, Bookmarks, Emails, …

Heck, you can even apply it to your offline life! (Wanna find out how?)

Here’s how to Get Started

Read This Blogpost Series:

This is how I first got introduced to PARA. It’s a multipart-series but well worth the read.

And if you’re already convinced, here are my personal notes: PARA

First published on Typeshare