Day 8 - Unlock Your Creativity

Try out these three unconventional techniques for a fresh perspective.

Method 1: Leverage High Focus Time

Tackle your toughest problems when your focus is at its peak.

For most people, that’s in the morning.

Don’t waste those precious moments doing Email.

Method 2: Exercise “Shower Thinking”

A universal truth is that taking a good ol’ shower does wonders problem solving.

For this to work, you need to Take your mind off the Problem.

Stimulate your Mind & Body to kickstart your creativity.

Method 3: Apply Your Subconsciousness

Before you go to bed at night, feed your subconscious with the problem you’re trying to solve. Repeat this process and watch out for any insights you might receive over the next few days. My personal favorite is this method.

My personal favorite is Method 2. Happy Problem Solving! 💻🚀

First published on Typeshare