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Day 11 - How Mistakes are key Ingreedients to Mastering your Profession

Last updated Jan 17, 2023

First time mistakes, are not mistakes. They’re learning opportunities. Realize the value that they offer. They allow you to see your shortcomings, and show you the better path.

Second time mistakes are things that could have been avoided. Perhaps it was just bad luck.

But Never make the same mistake a third time.

There is a saying among pilots:

There are old pilots, and there are bold pilots, but there are no old bold pilots.

Perhaps your industry allows you to make mistakes. Mistakes that do not spiral you downwards at 300mph. But does this mean the value the mistake offers is any lower?

The cost of a mistake is not proportional to the long-term positives of not making it in the first place.

Similarly, Amateur tennis matches aren’t won, they’re lost.

Professional players win by not making mistakes.

# Mistakes are your friend

Embrace the first time they happen.

  1. Admit you screwed up. Keep track of them.

  2. Ask yourself and others what could have been done better?

  3. Implement processes & habits Ensure that you won’t do them again.

This was a learning derived from “The Art of the Good Life” by Rolf Dobelli.

First published on Typeshare