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Day 14: The Simplest Way To Getting Started

Last updated Jan 20, 2023

The hardest part to anything is getting started.

Once you start something, it’s much easier to keep going. The initial momentum will help you keep making progress.

# 1 - Identify Points of Friction

What holds you back from starting?

Are your running shoes stashed away in some inreachable box? Are your notes for the upcoming project scattered around?

Remove any unnecessary effort and give yourself less excuses to procrastinate.

# 2 - Make a plan

Set an Execution Plan.

This helps yourself see the light at the end of the tunnel.

# 3 - Reward yourself

After you put in the work give yourself a clap on the back and make it feel rewarding. Perhaps now you can watch that episode you’ve been wanting to see.

This associates the task with a reward.

What helps you?

First published on Typeshare