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Day 15: How Chat-GPT enables a Culture of Professional Bullshitting in 2023

Last updated Jan 21, 2023

Public usage of Chat-GPT will cause a spike of professional bullshitters.

With professional Bullshitting, I also refer to something known as Cargo Culture.

# Cargo Culture

The term Cargo Culture was coined after WW2, when Soldiers left the islands in the pacific. They had shared food transported by aircraft with the local people.

Once the soldiers left, the locals built full scale airplanes out of straw and placed them on the runways. They built radio towers out of bamboo, carved headphones out of wood and mimicked the soldiers movement in order to attract the birds dropping food from the sky.

AI supported tooling allows anyone and their dog to become superficially expert at anything.

This will make it more difficult to distinguish expertise in a sea full of look-alikes.

On the contrary, established experts gain another asset for their toolbox.

Which role do you wanna pick?

First published on Typeshare.

First published on Typeshare