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Day 18: Ask yourself this to help you imagine your Dream Solution, clarify your Vision and uncover hidden Problems

Last updated Jan 24, 2023

This is the Most Impactful Queston I discovered this week.

I stumbled across it twice. Both times through Top-level creators.

Once when reading Building a Second Brain (BASB) by Tiago Forte @fortelabs.

And the other time during a Weekly Review Workshop by @khemaridh from RadReads.co.

Ask yourself this, if you:

# Q: “What Would … Look Like If It Was Easy?”

It’s really quite simple. But very effective.

Take a current problem you haven’t figured out yet, and try answering it.

Let’s consider the example of Capturing Ideas & Thoughts when BASB. Example: “What would capturing ideas look like if it was easy?”

This helps me clarify my requirements, such as

What problem do you wanna tackle using this question?

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