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Day 19: If You’re Interested In Learning DevOps, Subscribe To These 3 YouTube Channels

Last updated Jan 25, 2023

Learning DevOps can be hard.

Luckily, everything you need to know to get started, become proficient, and even get hired as a DevOps Engineer, you have access to online—for free.

Just subscribe to these 3 YouTube channels:

# Continuous Delivery by Dave Farley

Dave Farley, Co-Author of the Reactive Manifesto, has made it his mission to teach CI/CD Practices

Subscribe Here: https://www.youtube.com/@ContinuousDelivery

# BretFisher

After I did the Docker Mastery Course from Bret on Udemy, I discovered he had been publishing free content all around Containers & Orchestration on Youtube.

Subscribe Here: https://www.youtube.com/@BretFisher

# Conference Youtube Channels

Choose any conference of your liking, and loose yourself.

I recommend Info@, as they have a diverse set of developer Talks.

Highly Interesting to know how the industry actually works.

Subscribe Here: https://www.youtube.com/@infoq

So, save yourself from buying expensive courses and just binge these YouTube channels.

First published on Typeshare