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Day 21: If You’re Interested In Learning Clean Code, Read These 3 Books

Last updated Jan 27, 2023

These are my favorite books when it comes to Clean Code. So much so that I bought the the hard-covers.

They educated me when I first read them, and now serve as reference material.

# Clean Code by Robert C. Martin

One in a part of three. The book series by Uncle Bob is incredible. He definetely sells what it means to Hone Your Craft. If you wanna get a taste in how Martin Delivers his points, watch this video:


This one goes into the nitty gritty details of writing clean code.

# Clean Architecture by Robert C. Martin

Once you gobbled up Clean Code, check out this one. It’s a bit more advanced but easy to understand and will help you grasp architecture concepts.

# Working Effectively with Legacy Code by Michael Feathers

This is a great addition for any Engineer to have.

It lists a set of patterns on how to go from Legacy -> Clean Code.

What are your favorite books?

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