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Day 23: Simplify your Life: 3 No-Bullshit Uses for Obsidian as Your Second Brain

Last updated Jan 29, 2023

Tired of hearing all about Second Brain / PKM and still got no clue what to actually use it for? Here’s Three No-Bullshit Use Cases on where a Digital Support System makes sense.

# Explore your Personality & Achieve Emotional Wellbeing

The mental health benefits that Journaling yields are through the roof. Need I say any more?

Here’s the Process:

# Ace Your Exams with Obsidian: The Ultimate Organizing Tool for University Notes

I just survived Exam week. And let me tell you. The small bit of prior work paid of well.

Here’s three insights:

# Accelerate Your Research Journey: The PHD Student’s Guide to Utilizing Obsidian

When the time comes to writing your thesis, this will greatly aid you in connecting the dots.

Here’s the Method:

This is just the tipp of the Iceberg on how to utilize digital notes to become an asset to your life. There are D&D Game Masters using Obsidian for World Building. I started using Obsidian to manage my public website (Using Quartz: https://quartz.jzhao.xyz/). And the list goes on.

Hopefully this gave you some ideas on what to use PKM tools for.

First published on Typeshare