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Day 25: The 1 Software Tool/App I Can’t Live Without As a Developer

Last updated Jan 31, 2023

There are two types of People in this World.

People that use a Password Manager, and People that don’t. Seriously, use a goddman Password Manager.

How do people survive without one?

It’s not just for passwords, you can store any information you don’t want to forget in a secure and effortless way.

I can generate Passwords on the fly. I don’t even look at them. The only thing I do need, is one secure Master Password. I unlock it once, and start working.

# My Hassle Free Password Manager: KeepassXC

There are many Keepass Variantes. I tested each one. This is the best.

If creating an Account anywhere seems like a process to it’s own. Do yourself a favour and get a Password Manager.

Get KeepassXC here: https://keepassxc.org/

First published on Typeshare