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Day 28: My Top 3 Totally Obvious, but Most Effective Productivity Tips

Last updated Feb 3, 2023

I spent years stuck inside the pits of Productivity.

Tried every trick in the book. Weeks of accumulated research and experimentation, where I could have ultimately been doing something else. Procrastination is a B*ch.

Found out most of them are a waste of time, unfortunately.

So here’s my top three most practical ways to get mroe productive. So you don’t have to waste time, like me.

# 1. Treat your Work Sessions like a First Date

Are you checking your phone on your date? No.

Have you taken care of yourself? Shaved, Prepared, Well slept? Sure.

Do you let yourself get distracted in a conversation? Of course not.

Prepare your Tasks before hand. Clean up your desk. Disable Notifications. Get yourself some water. Make sure you don’t get interrupted.

This is one of the most obvious, yet most effective practises. Try it.

# 2. Batch All the things

Batch similar tasks, for similar things. Don’t zig-zag. Work on the same thing on consecutive days, if possible. Everytime you switch, you loose.

Context Switching leads to a Fragmented Mind. Defragment it.

# 3. Eat The Frog

Do the most important task first things first. (No, not Email)

Keep Low leverage tasks for later. And don’t let others dictate your calendar, and therefore your Life. Start by scheduling your every minute, to get accustomed to prevent incoming meetings from ripping your day apart.

First published on Typeshare