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Day 9: The Consequences of a Simple Choice: How One Decision Led to a Devastating Disaster in History

Last updated Jan 15, 2023

Mao Zedong wanted to save his people from famine.

Knowing that Sparrows eat a lot of grain seeds, a precious resource to feed his people, he ordered their extinction.

The decision he had made, ended up causing the death of milions

What Mao didn’t anticipate, is that the Sparrows also ate a lot of insects. Sparrows no more, locust population increased and yields plunged in China.

This is the tragic story of the Great Chinese Famine.

# Decisions have hidden Consequences

Every decision has consequences. There are ones that you can prevent, ones that you can anticipate, but also those that you cannot foresee. These are the real deal.

When making decisions, keep this in mind:

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