Obsidian is an Open Source Markdown Note taking software and the primary choice for my Second Brain.

Features I Love

How I use Obsidian

I use Obsidian jor Journalung, Reflection, Brain dumps tasks or ideas, Work notes, outling my thesis and write for this website.

For me a note is place of collection. I find it quite useful to keep ideas, thoughts, links to websites or files together in a single place.

How other people use Obsidian

Getting Started

Youtube Channels


  • Tags are similar to links, but don’t create a note when clicked on.
  • You can use Tags for saved searches or a type of idea, or entrypoints.
  • Use links for potential but not yet created notes.
  • Tags are implicitly counters and hierarchical
  • Links auto-refactor when files changes
  • Links and Tags autocomplete, creating your own Dictionary

Maps of Content (MOCs)

Let MOCs be generated by adding tags or orphaned links to notes.

Obsidian Mobile toolbar

Use slash core plugin for mobile commands https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Bfd_Lkr_gc

Obsidian Goalsetting

Found this gem where he uses colored icons infront of a goal file to track their status. https://heymichellemac.com/obsidian-setup-sep-2021#02-quarters