Day 5 - The Book that Built My Running Habit

There are a lot of books about Habit Building.

And I’ve read some of them.

However the book that got me into running consistently for the last year, was not one of them.

Even thought that was not my goal when starting this book.

Journalist Turned Ultra-Marathon Runner

When I first read Christopher McDougall - Born To Run by Christopher McDougall, I was captivated.

For a few reasons:

  • The mysterious and enigmatic Tarahumara tribe, the indigenous people living in the deep Copper Canyons of Mexico
  • Fascinating insights on why you don’t need running shoes for effective and injury free running
  • The author’s personal journey from being a photographer to running ultra-marathons
  • And the unique and diverse personalities of the runners he met on his way

This book changed my perspective on running.

If you are at all interested in running, I can’t recommend this book enough.

First published on Typeshare