• Writing my Master Thesis
  • Building a blockchain based donation plattform with a focus on transparency ChainDon
  • Prototyped a decentralized Investment Plattform for photovoltaic plants called SolarAssets


  • Relaunched Website Stockis Destillerie using Wordpress and WooCommerce
  • Wrote bachelor thesis on “Modern Software Development Practices in Enterprise Environments”
  • Distributed Systems University project: Restaurant Kata


  • Research project in Halmstad: “SEDSH - Sound Event Detection in Smart Home: DCASE Ambient Sound Analysis”
  • Developed an AI powered Poker Agent for a School Project


  • Launched Website Stockis Destillerie using Joomla and Virtuemart
  • Final Year Project: “OmniDoc: Automated Network Scanning and Visualization Tool with JavaEE & PrimeFaces, Raspberry Pi”
  • Wrote simple C++ Mail Application
  • Wrote self made CMS with PHP



  • Developed MeloDealer - An Android application for remote controlling speakers over bluetooth featuring pairing and wifi setup, sending music files for offline playing and radio streaming.